Lean on Him (Chapter 11, “Let.It.Go.”)

  I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
Psalm 91:2

fort terceira

My hubby and I met while we were serving in the military on a tiny Portuguese island.  One of the places he took me on our first date was the remains of a fortress pictured above.  The entire coastline of this island was once protected by these small forts, which served as barracks, lookout posts and shelters for the villagers during times of attack.

If I am to say that God is my fortress, I must trust Him and fully give up control.  Just as the Portuguese villagers gave up their control to those who defended them, so must I!!  I thought I had given God the reins to my life, but through this study of “Let.It.Go.”, I have found that I haven’t always done that.  And I repent of that sin.

The last chapter of “Let.It.Go.” is entitled “Living the Relinquished Life”.  In this chapter Karen writes about her challenge to fast from executive decisions during Christmas, and how she and her family were blessed by her resigning.   I read this chapter on Friday, and guess what happened on Friday?  My husband announced how his parents are going with us to our daughter’s college graduation not just for the weekend as they originally planned, but for 5 days.  So guess what week I feel God is telling me to fast from making decisions?

I’m a meticulous planner.  I can’t help it.  I don’t know if it comes by me inherently or if it’s my military training.  We’ve moved several times, and I was always a very detailed planner during our moves (think multiple folders and notebooks).  Of course, this became second nature for me in our vacation plans.  I’d keep copious notes, research hotels and restaurants, plan little excursions during our stopovers, have healthy snacks and entertainment ready for the kids, etc.  But you know what happened?  If the hotel disappointed my husband or the excursions weren’t up to everyone’s expectations, I would get upset.  REALLY upset because I had done all this planning for them!

Umm….no.  While I did want everyone to have a good time, I did this because I was am a control freak.

So I let my husband know this morning that I’m praying about fasting from making decisions for a week. The very important week when my baby girl graduates from college and becomes a fully fledged adult.  He immediately got on the defensive, thinking I was up to something (can you tell we’ve had vacation issues before?).  We had a long conversation about what God is teaching me through this study, and he started to understand as I explained to him what Karen had done.   The  hotel reservations were made last week, and I am going to be obedient in giving up control in ordering a cake for her special day, deciding where we will go after graduation, choosing where we will eat through the week, determining where we will go sightseeing, etc.  I’m letting go.

Thank you, Karen Ehman, for allowing the LORD to work in you to bring this message to all us freaky ladies.  Thank You, Heavenly Father, for allowing me to lean on You.   Thank You for being my Fortress!

11 thoughts on “Lean on Him (Chapter 11, “Let.It.Go.”)

  1. Good luck dear sister. I can definately relate to your vacation planning and getting upset if things don’t go “just so”. I have a habit of over planning and then feeling stressed when everybody isn’t happy on our vacation. Congratulations on your baby girl’s graduation!

  2. Great blog Pat. I bet it works out – not sure about that cake though. LOL. We made a trip with our kids in Oct with nothing planned but the hotel. It was AMAZING. We let those adult kids decide what we were doing and ending up golfing, hitting baseballs, going to an arcade, and the zoo. REALLY! It’s amazing what they chose as well as the restaurants and I don’t think any of us will forget it anytime soon. Thanks for sharing. Debbie W. (OBS Leader)

    • Debbie, funny you should say that about the cake, because now my hubby doesn’t think HE should do this because he’s afraid he’ll mess it up and I’ll get mad!! I told him I wouldn’t and that is NOT the point of this…it’s about allowing others to have control of this time and spending time together. I did give him the name of the Christian bakery we have used there in Colorado and my daughter’s school colors, so it will be fine. 😉

  3. Thanks for this post, I can relate perfectly to being a vacation micromanager! And I too, would get upset, if people didn’t fully appreciate my meticulous plans.

    This spring, my husband and I have a graduation to attend and an international trip the week after. After reading your post, I feel the Spirit’s prompting to fast from decisions during those weeks.

    Thank you for sharing applying what you’ve learned. May His strength sustain you through it all!

  4. Oh my… “Just as the Portuguese villagers gave up their control to those that defended them.” I am still reeling from that parallel! Trying to let go of these control freak tendancies with you. (I’m praying your vacation ends up being so spectacular that your husband begs you to fast before every vacation from here on out!) 😉

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