The Great I Am (Week 1 of “Stressed-Less Living”)

This is week one of Melissa Taylor’s Online Bible Study of “Stressed-Less Living”.  Our memory Scripture for this week is Isaiah 41:10.  It was suggested that we do “verse mapping”: crossing out words like “you”, “we”, “whoever”, “them” and then write our name above it; highlighting parts that jump out at us; reading the verse in context – the whole chapter or passage and adding notes to our “map”.  This is a way to digest and understand the verse.   When I started to do this, I realized I was “doodling” more than mapping.


   I know it’s a little difficult to see this picture, but here’s some things I wrote down in red:

  • “Don’t” is a command from God…His specific instructions
  • “will” is used to express God’s capability
  • “Victorious” means ALREADY HAVING ACHIEVED VICTORY!!! ♥ ♥
  • I put “you” in the palm of God’s hand (should have put my own name in)
  • When I wrote “I AM”, I used rocks to write this name for God because He is my Rock. 
    As I’m reading “Stressed-Less Living”, I’m realizing how much God has blessed me.  I listed my thanksgivings (thanksgiving recognizes God for what He has done.…praise recognizes God for who He is), and I no longer felt worried about the things of this world.  The Great I Am is holding me in His hand!! 

    If you’re interested in verse doodling, I found a gal who is REALLY good at it:

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