Blessed (beyond what I deserve)




                                 1. consecrated; sacred; holy; sanctified: the Blessed Sacrament.
                                 2. worthy of adoration, reverence, or worship: the Blessed Trinity.
                                 3. divinely favored; fortunate: to be blessed with a strong, healthy body.
                                 4. blissfully happy or contented.

God has been so good to me…too good for what I deserve.
This week I am full of thanksgiving for the ways God has blessed me, a sinner saved by His grace.

1.  God’s forgiveness
2.  God’s love
3.  God’s protection and healing from an abusive childhood and destructive teenage years
4.  The lessons God has taught me and how He continues to teach me
5.  How God hasn’t given up on me in spite of failures
6.  God’s daily provisions
7.  A strong body (that I haven’t taken care of, but am in the process of rebuilding)
8.  The talents God has given me and the ways He shows me to use them
9.  My mother (who went home August 19, 2003)
10.  My siblings
11.  A godly husband who loves me in spite of my many faults
12.  My children
13.  My daughter-in-law (God’s match for my son)
14.  My grandson  ❤  ❤
15.  A church with godly leaders
16.  Proverbs 31 ministry and the ladies who serve there
17.  Christian fellowship
18.  My husband’s job
19.  My job serving at school
20. The beauty of this Earth
21.  The creatures of this Earth
22.  Sunrises and sunsets
23.  The sun and the heavenly bodies
24.  A Bissell Green machine:  Yesterday morning I was already running 5 minutes late, when I walked into my bedroom to find a BIG pee spot…it was the MOTHER of all pee spots!!!  We have 3 dogs, that ARE house-broken, but two are 14-years-old…I have my suspicions that it was the “old lady” dog and NOT my aging Jack Russell. As I realized that I was going to be LATE for work (I meant it when I said it was a BIG pee spot!), instead of getting stressed, I quickly voiced my thanksgiving for having a small “Green Machine”. It took me 10 minutes and I got to school 5 minutes before the bell. God is SO GOOD in His provisions!!  😀

13 thoughts on “Blessed (beyond what I deserve)

  1. Love your post and I can totally relate to so many of them. Love the story of the Green Machine. I, too, have aging dogs and am thankful for them and the great tool that makes cleaning up their messes easier.

  2. This is such a wonderful list of God’s blessings! It is a great reminder that blessings are big and small, simple and complex, sometimes even “Green” 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your blessings today! I am going to start my own list in my journal. All these blessing posts have inspired me to want to keep track of my own blessings. Thank you once again for sharing your blessings 🙂


  4. Love reading your post and the counting of your blessing, God is so good. Thanks for sharing all of God’s blessings. I needed to thank God for the major ice/ rain/ sleet that fell on my way to a Church meeting this evening instead of grumbling . It should have taken 5 minutes but took 15 mins because power had knocked out the railway arm in the down position and had to re route as the ice thickened and thunder crashed. Last 15 mins then melted. The blessing of protection on the suddenly dry road turned very slippery. Thanks again for the reminder.

  5. You had me at “a sinner saved by grace.” Amen, sister! Amen to that! And thanks be to God for Bissell Green Machines! Before our “old lady” passed, last July, we lived and breathed that thing. I’m so glad to hear that this study is helping you to change your thinking in such positive ways, Pat! You go, girl!!!

    • Thanks, Missy!! When I shared the story with my hubby when he got home, that’s what he said, too, “Thank God for a Bissell Green Machine!”. My changing attitude is changing his, too!! ❤

    • Thank you, Martha. I almost got really unglued…this spot was so big, it took me several seconds to figure out WHAT it was (I actually looked at my coffee cup to make sure I hadn’t spilled the entire contents out…ha!!). As I started o feel myself get mad because I was already late, I realized this was NOT the “old girl’s” fault and I was NOT going to allow satan to take away the joy and thanksgiving I was feeling!!

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