Blessed (beyond what I deserve…Part 2)


I am so blessed to be studying “Stressed-Less Living” with all of you.  I can honestly say that I  don’t have a lot of stress since finding Proverbs 31 ministries a few years ago.  I had a lot of stress then:  my son was scheduled to go to Afghanistan, my daughter had graduated high school and was going to college 10 hours away, I had been moved to a different department and we felt led to leave our church home.  Talk about stressed to the max!!  I was the poster girl for it, and even went to the ER once with high blood pressure and unable to catch my breath (turned out to be anxiety related).

At first I just followed Melissa’s blog for 2 studies.  Then I joined a facebook small group for a study.  Now I am honored to be a facebook small group leader.  I am so thankful to have found OBS because I had so missed the fellowship of other believers while my husband and I were “church shopping”; it was the first time in our 30 years of marriage that it took us over a year and a half to find a church home!  This avenue of studying God’s Word with other ladies was just the prescription I needed from our Great Physician!!

I am blessed as I read Melissa’s blog.  I am blessed by the authors who allow themselves to be used by the LORD to bring messages of hope and healing.  I am blessed by the wonderful ladies who work in leadership and those who work behind the scenes at Proverbs 31 Ministries to provide these Bible studies on the Internet.  I am blessed by all the prayers that are uplifted on behalf of so many hurting women and families.  I am blessed by all the leaders of the facebook small groups who volunteer many hours.  I am blessed by the awesome ladies in my facebook small group. I am blessed by every lady who posts on Melissa’s blog.  I am blessed by EVERY single lady who participates in these studies!!

12 thoughts on “Blessed (beyond what I deserve…Part 2)

  1. Pat I am so glad God brought you here to bless me. You have a beautiful heart! Love your blog today – the words and your pretty page and your heart. It sounds like you did have lots of stress all at once. And we have been church shopping also after 40 years in one church – it is just too far to drive three times a week (1.5 hour RT) and we need to be doing more in our community. Thanks for sharing Pat and again so glad God put us here in this place at this time in our lives together. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Group Leader)

    • Debbie, we drove the 1.5 hours to try a church, too!! LOL!! We only went there twice, though, because we knew it’d be too far (hubby was commuting to Kansas City then, too). God is SO good in His provision, because He provided a church home…we really didn’t want to go there at first, but after visiting so many area churches (some 1/2 hour away) and even regularly attending one for about 6 months, He brought us back to the one He intended for us. Our stubborn hearts needed all the lessons from attending all those other churches. 😉

      40 years in one church!! WOW!!! I will be praying for you and your hubby as you search for the church home the LORD intends for you!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Having moved twice in 4 years, I can relate to church shopping. It is always a challenge to find a new church home. Both moves we have been blessed to find churches that made us feel a part of the family. It is wonderful to hear how God took you from such a stressful time to one that is more peaceful.

  3. Pat, I am just so glad that you are our OBS small group leader. You bring such hope and joy to our group everyday with your prayers and well wishes. Thank you for all that you do!!

  4. Pat, could we have a little chat about the Great Church Hunt? My husband and I felt called to leave our home church about 6 months ago and are slowly phasing out (for the kids’ sake) over this next 6 weeks. Oh mercy, it’s hard!

    Proverbs 31 ministries has been such a blessing to me over the years, too. Fellowship, online fellowship sometimes just as much, if not more than, in real life fellowship has been a sweet blessing to me, too.

    • Oh, Missy, it IS so very hard!! Especially if you’ve been in a church home for many years…to me it felt like a divorce because this was my spiritual family!! But when you feel the Holy Spirit’s prompting telling you to leave, we must obey and be confident He will provide. 😀 I will have to call you when I get back to Missouri and we can have a long chat, okay?

  5. Amen! Proverbs 31 has been such a blessing to me as well as my husband and I continue to search for a home church. Thanks for sharing!

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