Blessed (beyond what I deserve…Part 3)


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My youngest graduated from Colorado Christian University last Saturday.  My husband and I have been so blessed by her three years (she graduated a year early) at a godly institution that is called to train Christian young men and women to serve in this very ungodly world.  We feel so privileged and honored that God prepared a way for our daughter to attend a Christian university where the professors and staff pray and actually care for each student’s spiritual well-being: first God prepared our hearts (we had been dead set against this school) and then He provided financially (our daughter even received a scholarship that she did NOT put in for).  He has blessed us WAY more than we deserve!!

Last Friday we attended a banquet for the graduating seniors.  The president of the university, William Armstrong, told the students to come back and visit often.  Dr. Chris Leland, one of my daughter’s professors, sat with us at our table; Dr. Leland thanked us for for allowing CCU to train her.  Through the night we met such sweet people who had been our daughter’s professors and mentors.  In the closing prayer, Dr. Sid Buzzell thanked God for allowing the professors to teach these students, and how they are turning the students back over to the LORD since they were always His anyway, and asked His hand in their lives as they go into the world to serve Him.  We were blessed the entire evening that was bathed in prayer and by meeting such wonderful servants of the LORD!

Her college graduation ceremony on Saturday was again bathed in prayer.  I had tears flowing from the invocation to the ending.  As a young mom accepted her college diploma, I cried when her son shouted, “I love you, Mommy!”  I cried as I realized that non-graduating CCU students had come to cheer on their peers, their sisters and brothers in Christ.  My husband and I cried as we watched a video of a CCU graduate as he received his diploma by his commander in Afghanistan, and then stood and cheered (and cried some more!) as this young man’s father came up to shake President Armstrong’s hand.

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Thank You, Father, for the blessing of other Christians who serve to train Your saints!!  Thank You, for the lessons of the last three years and for Your provisions!!  Thank You for Your blessings which we do not deserve!!

16 thoughts on “Blessed (beyond what I deserve…Part 3)

    • Yes, Rebecca…and seeing God working in all these people’s lives!!

      Oh…I nearly forgot…a 61-year-old man who works in the CCU mail-room received his Bachelor’s Degree, too!! So AWESOME!! :’)

  1. Oh, Pat, your thankful heart just overflows here today. And now, I must go clean up my eye-make up before heading off to church… 🙂

  2. Pat, I cried just reading your post!! You are blessed and a blessing to so many others;) I hope you have a safe journey home!!

  3. OK Pat you made me have a few tears hear. Congratulations on your accomplishments as a Mom and an encourager. So happy for you! Beautiful picture and blog today. Hugs. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

    • Oh, Susan!! How I wish we lived closer so you could have shared the day with us…to share the tears and the cake….AWESOME, AWESOME carrot cake made by a bakery owned by a Christian. 🙂

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