Blessed (beyond what I deserve, part 4)


This is what has blessed me this week:

  • The encouragement of all the ladies who visit Melissa’s blog:
    As I read the concerns, trials, and hurts, I am uplifted by the encouraging words of so many.  I am deeply moved by ALL the sweet, caring ladies who are the hands and feet of Jesus as they love on their hurting sisters.
  • The gals who work behind the scenes at Proverbs 31 Ministries:
    There’s ladies who help with all the technical aspects of putting this study on the Internet, ladies who work at the P31 office (thank you, Terry, for helping me with my order this week!), ladies who volunteer at the P31 office, ladies who are counselors, ladies who help with the conference calls, ladies who edit, ladies who post pins and pictures, ladies who write posts, one very sweet lady who sends out care packages, ladies who write cards, ladies who read the posts and ladies who are prayer warriors.
  • Blog Hop Thursday:
    When I first started following OBS, I wasn’t in a Facebook small group and I only read Melissa’s blog.  Even when I joined a group (BIG SHOUT OUT to wonderful Group 19 lead by Amanda Gibson!!), I still didn’t read the blogs.  It wasn’t until I became a small group leader myself that I began reading the blogs, which then led me to write one.  I am so touched by what God is teaching us all, and I am blessed by the honesty of so many.  I don’t get to post on all of them, but I do read many of them.  I not only enjoy reading the blogs, but I also love reading the responses from ladies who reach out and sincerely encourage one another.
  • The sweet gals of Group 46:
    Yes, this is my group, and I’m so thankful for each lady the LORD has brought to this group.  We’re in all different seasons of life and in all different walks with Christ, so I am blessed by what each lady brings to the group.  I love each lady and am thankful for what they’re teaching me as we’ve walked through “Stressed-Less Living” together.
  • God’s creation:
    I planted 4 different kinds of sunflowers last year, and this year God has blessed me with at least 40 different plants coming up from last year’s crop!  I also enjoy watching the hummingbirds and wrens.  The baby wrens are getting ready to leave the nest soon, so mama wren is hissing and squawking at me every time I go out the front door.  Still, it’s been a source of enjoyment watching her care for her young ones as I work in the kitchen.

11 thoughts on “Blessed (beyond what I deserve, part 4)

  1. What a gift this sisterhood is, my new friend! Those behind-the-scenes Ladies work so hard to provide this environment so that we can grow in Christ and connect. And I love how you just shined a big ol’ spotlight on them! (Love love love the new layout, too.) And… check your email. 😉

  2. I have truly been blessed by each lady that is part of this study. It has been such a need in my life and I love each lady that participates.

    • I’m so thankful, Tabitha, that you, too, have been blessed!! God’s doing some pretty amazing things at OBS isn’t He? Thanks for stopping by today. 😀

  3. Pat, you don’t realize how blessed Group 46 is to have YOU!! Thank you for guiding us on the journey!! You are truly loved as well 🙂

  4. I loved reading your blessings this week. I have grown so much since being drawn to Proverbs 31 Ministries and joining Melissa’s Online Bible study. I am thankful for each and everyone who participates through this study. You realize you are not alone and others share the same journey. I really love being part of a small group 43 but yet get to meet other amazing Women through the blog hop. I enjoy reading them each week. Thank you for reading my blog “going through the motions” Thanks for sharing with us too.

  5. Marilyn, I am so thankful for how this ministry is blessing you and how you are growing in the LORD!! I agree wholeheartedly with you how we find others who are sharing the same journey…it IS pretty AWESOME!! 😀

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