Priority Shift & Book Giveaway ♥

priorities“Friends, your life is not going to change because you read a book about stress. Your life is going to change when you realize that the absence of God in your life is intensifying the presence of stress in your heart.” (page 230 of Stressed-Less Living, by Tracie Miles)

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I think it’s very fitting that Tracie used the example of Mary and Martha in her last chapter of Stressed-Less Living.  Almost every Christian lady has heard this great teaching story from Luke 10:38-42: two sisters who had the opportunity to learn from Jesus; one chose to sit at His feet while the other  “was distracted by all the preparations” (v. 40).

It’s all a matter of priorities.  Sure, we ALL have daily responsibilities and chores—and then there are those tasks that are a source of enjoyment, but aren’t a necessity.  Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, computer games, hobbies, television, visiting with friends, etc. should NEVER keep you from sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I was a stay-at-home mom with 7 year-old and a 3 year-old  when I first became a Christian, so caring for my children and my husband were my chief priorities.  I’m an early riser, so I chose to seek out my quiet time with God first thing in the morning, which meant I had my Bible, prayer journal, etc. waiting for me when I got up (coffee pot ready to go, of course).

Everything – NOT some things – should bring glory to God.  1 Corinthians 10:31 supports this: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”  To make my quiet time a priority, I’ve removed certain activities from my routine.  I’ve also put my computer in another room because when I use to look up Scripture, I find I’m too easily tempted to take a glance at Facebook or check my email.

What activities are distracting you from your time with Jesus?  What can you do to remedy this situation?

Answer both questions and I’ll put your name in for a drawing for What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst.

23 thoughts on “Priority Shift & Book Giveaway ♥

  1. A lot of my time is filled with face book and checking email. Also television can be a huge distractor of time with God, What has been the help for me is setting the clock earlier to get up. When Daniel has school I get up at 5:30. Now it is 6:30 when I get up to have my time with God. I did this morning and it really helped out.

    • That’s a great idea, Jeanie!! I’m so glad it helped you. Maybe this will give other women an idea on how to get their quiet time in. Thanks for sharing!! 😀

  2. Consistency seems to be a big issue for me. I’ll do good for awhile then get distracted or off-schedule with kids, work, etc. being held accountable by a friend or OBS seems to help! 🙂

    • Oh, Jada…consistency is a biggie for me, especially when the kids were little. If one got sick, that threw EVERYTHING off!! I’m glad you’ve got an accountability partner…and a pretty neat group of OBS gals, too! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing today.

  3. This is so true! I also struggle with “good things getting in the way of the ONE who matters”. I love doing OBS and I love the ladies taking it, but they can’t replace Jesus.
    Thank you so much for this blog post!
    Love and prayers,
    B. Prince (OBS Small Group Leader)

  4. About three years ago, I set out on a journey to take a year long walk through the Bible, to read it from beginning to end. There were days when I didn’t do it first thing in the morning and and days when I missed here and there. What I learned is that I missed those mornings of devotions. I, then started doing it daily, yet other things came first, exercise, work, etc. I truly love this quiet time, yet I still felt the interruptions of daily life. So since I began this study, I have gotten up earlier, and spend time reading devotions, this study and my Bible. I treasure this quiet time away from everything with God. I get up earlier when I travel, and carry a study Bible on my IPad so I always have a Bible with me. I can’t imagine traveling down this road without my daily devotion time pent with God.

    • AWESOME, Becky!!! I just recently purchased an Ipad and have started reading the Bible on it, too!! 😀

      I’m so very thankful this study has helped you. Thank you for stopping by today!!

      In His love,

  5. Pat, the things that can distract me are: my family – my daughter waking up early, husband leaving later to work than normal, problems with our puppy, etc. Also the internet – FB, Pinterest, email. To remedy this I’m learning to be more strict with keeping my daughters bedtime schedule, making sure I communicate with my husband nightly to find out when he’s getting up and leaving for work the next day so I can plan accordingly, and am leaving my phone and computer off until I’ve done the majority of my quiet time and need to get online to check out the days OBS assignments. Once I need to get online to check the OBS, I have found that bookmarking Melissa Taylors page so that I can go directly to it without opening my email, is a great way to avoid getting distracted. Then I use the link that went to my email if I need to re-visit the post for any reason. I love your poster btw. Is it ok to pin it? (using your link of course)

    • Katrina, wooo hooo for you!! You know your weaknesses and have made a plan to make sure Jesus comes first!!

      Sure, you can pin anything here…it all belongs to Him anyway. Have a blessed Wednesday and thank you for comments!! 😀

  6. I am SO easily distracted by the daily activities of life: housework, grocery shopping, keeping up with e-mails and phone calls for my work. I want to “choose what is better”! Even though I am not an early riser (NOT a morning person), I have been turning to God as soon as I wake up. I have a devotional on my bed table and I read one while still in bed. This has really been helping me get my day started in a quiet, positive way.

    • Jeanne,

      AMEN to choosing “what is better”!! I’m thankful that keeping a devotional by your bed table is working for you. Thank you for stopping by today. 😀

  7. I have my quiet time first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed, and nothing gets in the way of that. I am doing a word study on hope at breakfast, and I do this study at lunch during the week. Some days I am rushed or my husband is home, and I don’t do one or both of my studies. With the SLL study, I just catch up during the weekend.
    Today I had a repairman coming, and I felt pressured to eat breakfast quickly so I could get some things done before he arrived, and I didn’t do my word study. I didn’t want to lose that time with Him, so after I had my stuff done and the repairman arrived, I did my word study. I think I need to realize a perfect schedule can collide with an imperfect day and still work out with God as a priority in my time.

    • Crystal,

      I agree that life happens so sometimes we need to be flexible, but I love how you didn’t allow your interruption to be a disruption of your quiet time with God!! Good job!

      In His love,

  8. I must admit I don’t have my quiet time in the morning, I get up early because I can’t sleep in but really and slow in getting going. My time with God is usually in the afternoon or evening when I can spend quality without interruptions. I love OBS and use the topic of the week to dig deeper and have really been discovering who Mary and Martha are. Some days I am Mary but most days Martha sure trying to change this. Enjoy reading your blog and the many others because they show how we are a lot the same in our struggles. I would like to use your poster to share with a friend in ministry who has become so involved and the family is hurting.amidst a family crisis. Stress-less Living has impacted me and I am trying to use some of what God showed me to help this person. Priority first needs to be my relationship with God my Father.
    Thanks Marilyn

  9. First of all, I love your picture at the top! So neat. I need to learn to do that! Now to answer your questions, what keeps me from time with God (and/or Jesus)? Reading books. It is great to read encouraging books with a great message (Crazy Love, Anything, The Circle Maker, Stessed Less) but the book I should read FIRST is the Bible. I should spend time alone with Him before I do anything else. What can I do to remedy this? I could lay my Bible ON TOP of my other devotionals before going to bed as a reminder when I wake up and go to my stack… The Bible will be first. Facebook also distracts me. Two years ago some friends & I did a month long Facebook fast. It was great! Every time I had the urge, I just looked up Bible verses instead. I think a technology fast once a week would be a good idea to remedy that! Thank you for this challenge and having us stop to consider what it is that is distracting us!

    • Thank you for you kind comments and WONDERFUL ideas!! I love that you put God’s Word on top of your other books, and I think I need to implement the once a week technology fast! Thank you so much for sharing your awesome solutions!!

  10. With kids being out of school and a husband out of work, I get distracted by what they are or aren’t doing & then tend to get on Facebook. For me I need to pick a place & communicate to my children that mommy “needs” to have her quiet time & then go on about my day. In doing so I can also teach my children the importance of quiet time.

  11. With my kids being out for summer and my husband being out of work I notice a huge distraction for me is my family and being concerned with what they are or aren’t doing. I can pick a place/time to have my quiet time and communicate that to my children. In doing so I can teach them the value and importance of quiet time.

  12. My biggest distractions are the internet (FB, Pinterest, email, etc) and my kids. I prefer doing my bible study and quiet time in the morning between breakfast and lunch. This way I can get my infant fed and back down from being up when my husband’s alarm goes off way too early as well as get my other two children fed and either playing in their room or outside to limit distractions. However, this does not always work (what plan really does when involving children) and I need to learn to restructure my day and/or turn off FB, etc when trying to get deep into my time with God.

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