A Heart at Rest

heart at rest

Something the LORD has been working on me since becoming a Christian 19 years ago is learning to trust people. Through the study, “What Happens When Women Say Yes to God”, I have learned that I can often be a very cynical person. I experienced some things in my childhood that often resurfaces a critical, unforgiving spirit in me.

I have found that I have an easier time forgiving a non-Christian than a fellow believer.  So what happens when a Christian hurts me or doesn’t act according to how God’s Word says we should act?  Sometimes I allow old ways of negative thinking to creep back in.

I’ve been out of sorts for the last few weeks and couldn’t put my finger on it.  I gave up Facebook and television so I’d have a week to concentrate on God’s Word and not the things of this world.

Sacrificial giving of money or things is easy for me.  I don’t have anything very valuable or cherished that I couldn’t part with because I realize everything in my possession actually belongs to the LORD.  Forgiveness has always been the hardest thing for me to give someone, and sadly, our adversary knows this about me.

“Try to see others as Jesus see them” is statement a college professor wrote on one of my papers 8 years ago.   When a friend or family member hurts me, I need to see them as Jesus sees them.  When a Christian acts contrary to what the Bible says, I need to see them as Jesus see them.  When I get irritated at the selfish actions of Christians and feel ready to give up on people, I need to see us as Jesus sees us.

Only Jesus was is perfect.  Humans are ALL still sinners, who will NEVER be sin-free while living this life on Earth (Romans 3:23).  I need to love others by giving them grace…the same grace that the LORD gives me.  I need to remind myself daily of this truth.  When I do, my heart is at rest.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.  This then is how we know that we belong to the truth, and how we set our hearts at rest in his presence.”  (1 John 3:18-19)

20 thoughts on “A Heart at Rest

  1. Loved this Pat and loved that part about ““Try to see others as Jesus see them” is statement a college professor wrote on one of my papers 8 years ago.” It’s the key to all relationships and I do remind myself of that often. Thanks today for the reminder. Hugs sweet sister. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  2. Loved that Pat, I so can relate to what you have said, try to see others as Jesus sees them. Our vision is so limited and we just hold on to the hurt caused by fellow Christians, we need to let it go. Trust is something that I find hard and vulnerable but God is working on that. Thanks for sharing my friend. Blessings and prayers on your day.
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader)

  3. I agree it is difficult at times to see others as Jesus sees them. It is harder for me too to give more grace to those who are believers than those who are not. I guess I feel they should know better and should ask for forgiveness. But I am just as bad, I sin also, I am not perfect, and I should as for forgiveness from others just as much.
    Need to remember like you said, to see others as Jesus sees them. Jesus sees a person, not a sin.

    • We should all know better…for me, I think it’s my pride (another sin!) that gets in the way. I’ve found asking for forgiveness first softens the other person’s heart.

      Thank you for stopping by today.

  4. Your heart and my heart are going to get along beautifully in eternity. I walk away from reading these posts of yours knowing that I have growing of my own to do. Forgiving someone who doesn’t know Jesus? Easy. Someone who is in the body of Christ with me and rubs salt in my wounds? No. Easy. Thing. Thank you for the reminder that loving action is what will set these angsty hearts at rest.

    • No, it’s not an easy thing. Not at all. I’m so thankful we have His Word and each other for encouragement for times such as these. Thank you, Missy, for your friendship and your kind words.

  5. It is difficult to love others with the love of Christ, especially when they hurt us. Luckily, it is not something we have to do in our own strength. He empowers us. Seeing people through the eyes of Christ is essential to being able to love them with His love. We are all sinners and hurt others, sometimes, without even knowing it. Recognizing our inability to do it on our own leads us to turn to the Lord and allow Him to equip us to love, forgive, encourage and support. Be blessed and bless someone else today!

    • Yes, He DOES empower us, and I’m so very thankful for that!! Taking my eyes off the situation and putting them back on our Maker brings me back to where I belong…focusing on Him and NOT myself or others.

      Thank you, Shelly, for your wonderful reminders!!

  6. Ah, yes … dreaded forgiveness. I think we all struggle with that, and I can relate with the “I have an easier time forgiving a non-Christian than a fellow believer”. I think it’s because a non-believe doesn’t really know better, but most of the time we expect that other Christian’s do. God has placed forgiveness on my heart a ton over the last few months, especially when it comes to my daughter. Time and time again she tests me, reacts/responds in ways I don’t like or agree with and does things to me (and others) that is just plain hurtful! So many times I’ve looked at the situation and went to God asking, “What?! What am I to do? If she were any other family member, friend, co-worker, I would just avoid her at all costs.” And all I ever get back is FORGIVE. It’s a hard pill to swollow. Why do I have to be the forgiving one? Why do I always have to be the one to continue turning red cheek after red cheek when getting slapped down by a teenager? Why? ———————-FORGIVE———————– (sigh) it IS, by far, my biggest challenge as a Christain. I hate to be burned once, let alone multiple times. But slowly, God is changing my heart. I can only pray that fogiveness will flow as easily through me as air does.

    Thank you for your amazing post Pat. God Bless.

    • Yes, Jenn, that is my struggle, too. Being “burned” by someone again and again and again and again, etc. I loved what you said about praying “forgiveness will flow as easily through me as air does”. Love this!!

      I’ve been on the other side and have hurt people WITHOUT realizing it…and when I finally did realize what I did, I felt so totally awful. Worse than awful. Even when I apologized, I still felt awful. By being “the burner”, I can now look at that person who has hurt me in a different light—that maybe they, too, don’t realize what they’re doing. Sometimes we want what we want and don’t realize there are others “in our way”, ya know?

      I honestly believe this is the same with most teenagers because their vision is so near-sighted. Many can’t see past their own little world, and they honestly don’t realize what they say or what they do.

      I’m so thankful to have studied “Yes to God” with you and that you are growing through this study. Thank you so much for all your input during this study. I’ve grown so much from the insight you’ve brought!!

      Take care and I hope you’ll join group 46 again in the future!!
      In His love,

  7. I am often the same way. Thanks for sharing. It’s actually encouraging to know you aren’t the only one who struggles with a certain thing. I have one particular friend/sister in the Lord that means well, but can get on my last nerve. It can take all the strength God can give me to not go off on her sometimes. But I do love her, so God gives me the grace to deal with her. I think you are right thought, we do tend to give more grace and forgiveness to non-believers.

  8. Thanks for sharing your heart, Pat. i struggle with this too. I have one particular friend/sister in the Lord that tries my patience. She means well, but…it takes all the strength thr Lord can give me sometimes to hold my tongue. God is gracious and His Spirit is good at helping me with the fruit of self-control and reining in my temper. i suppose that’s one of the reasons we have people that irritate us and sometimes even hurt us, because God uses it all to geow us, prune us, and bring forth that spiritual fruit. The worst part is she and I are a lot alike. do you have a friend like that, whom God uses to show you how you sometimes are with other people. Ouchy time.
    Like God told Paul, “My grace is sufficient…”. He gives us grace when we mess up, but also the grace (ability) to forgive and show grace toward others when they hurt us or even just really get on our nerves. as you said, I need to see us as Jesus sees us.” I have to give myself a break (grace) sometimes, too.
    god bless you, pat.
    Julia (group 46, A Confident Heart OBS)
    my blog is oursoulsanchor.wordpress.com

    • Thank you, Julia, for your kind words. Yes, I do believe the LORD allows these kind of people in our paths to help us grow and to also show us our own faults.

      I just finished reading, “Wounded by God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts” by Anne Graham Lotz. It really helped show me that I need to be like Jesus’ example in Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing.”

      I shared with someone recently how AWFUL I have felt when it’s been revealed to me how terribly I have hurt someone, and I did NOT realize I was the “wounder” (as Anne refers to us in her book). Ya, BIG TIME “ouchie” indeed!!

      I am thankful to have you in group 46 as we journey through God’s lessons in “A Confident Heart”.

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