Being Bold in 2014


My word for 2014 is “bold”.  There are several definitions for this word, but these three define where I feel the LORD is leading me:

1.  courageous, confident, and fearless; ready to take risks
2.  showing or requiring courage
3.  standing out distinctly; conspicuous


I am reading “The Daniel Plan”.  In the very first chapter, Rick Warren writes how he shared his heart with his entire congregation in how he had been a poor example to them.  Like many in his flock and in America, he was obese and unhealthy.


I, too, have felt like I have been a poor Christian example because of my weight.  How can I be bold in my witness if I look the way I do?  How does the way I look show a lifestyle that someone else wants to follow?  How am I being a true daughter of the King when I’ve let His temple, my body, get so badly out of shape?

Romans 12 1

I am TOTALLY turning my food addiction over to God.  My act of worship will be restoring this temple for His glory—to be used by Him and to point others to Him.  I desire to be a woman who will be bold in her witness, being courageous enough to allow God to have control of her food addiction, so it will be evident to all Whose child she is. 


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